ChiangMai Golf Classic

ChiangMai Golf Classic
Only a couple of years ago Chiangmai Alpine Golf Resort hosted two consecutive years of the ChiangMai Golf Classic in 2013 and 2014. and it looked like the north of Thailand’s profile was going to be raised and maintained. Senior tour players were starting to take notice and some of those below took part in the inaugural tournaments.


SCOTT HEND Winner 2013




RASHID KHAN Winner 2014
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Following Scott Hend’s victory in 2013  it looked liked ChiangMai was catching up with the southern clubs in hosting major tournaments and the 2014 tournament was eagerly anticipated.  Unfortunately there were a couple of problems, at the proposed time of the year the ChiangMai region suffers from  horrendous burning and smog and subsequently dangerous air quality.


That was compounded by the military staging a coup and removing the democratically elected government in May 2014, the ChiangMai Golf Classic was postponed until November and of course many of the golfers had already made arrangements so the field was somewhat depleted, not good for the all the sponsors and then subsequent tournaments were cancelled.

Will we see some of the top players in competition in ChiangMai again? We certainly hope so, some great courses suitable for major tournaments, October /November is a great season here,not too warm and usually sunny.

ChiangMai offers much more than 18 golf courses and deserves better.