HangDong Golf Course – Makeover

Hang Dong Golf Club
Chiang Mai

 HangDong Golf Course – Makeover

Lot of upgrading going on at this nice little course. The original clubhouse and green fee office is being gutted and turned in to the new residence of the course owner Mr Chan and his family. Work in progress but looks like it will look quite something when completed.

HangDong Golf Course is a quite challenging ,plenty of trees and water, 9 hole golf course with the option to play off different tees for the second round in effect making a reasonable 18 hole experience.

 Green Fees are exceptionally cheap at ฿360 including caddy fee!

Club rental at just ฿300 for 18 holes

Golf Cart just ฿600 for 18 holes but easy course to walk so probably only for the elderly or the infirm

New clubhouse.

Pay Green Fees here etc.

New Cafe

Quite decent beverages and snacks at reasonable prices.

New Toilets & Showers

New Rain/Rest Areas

This one next to the shop at hole 5 tee off area.

Hole 5/14

Par 4 Straight drive required with trees on either side and a strategically placed bunker on the left hand side. Should be able to go in to the green with 7 or  8 iron or a wedge for the longer hitters.

Hole 6/15

Lovely little par 3, a 6 or 7 iron for most players but you have to be straight with bunkers guarding the green to the left and right.

This is not what to do on any course let alone a short  course. 

This is hole 2/11 and there are 6 players and 6 caddies disrupting the whole course,these guys would never think of doing this on their home country course,in fact would not be allowed.

Not difficult to solve this problem and keep slow play out of the game, simply split in to 2 groups of 3, not exactly higher mathematics. Try not to be selfish and think of other players on the course wherever you may play.

One thought on “HangDong Golf Course – Makeover”

  1. Is this six-some at Hang Dong? I’ve experienced delays there are several occasions, despite the clear notice from Management asking that groups be no larger than 4 or 5!
    Generally speaking most golfers at this course are a friendly bunch, but these large groups do disrupt play and your game.
    The improvements to the course facilities should now be reflected in the course maintenance – still too many bald spots on the tee boxes – they only just recover during the wet season so are looking in poor shape again by the following March.
    Great litle course though, I try to play it twice a week.

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